DVLA Licence Code

Each time you employ a wheelchair adjusted vehicle from Specialistvehiclerental we have to check your driving permit for any extra data and supports.

The paper partner some portion of your permit, which initially contained this data, was abrogated in 2015. Extra data about your permit and supports is presently kept on the web and must be gotten to with your authorization.

When you employ a wheelchair adjusted vehicle from us, we will require you to furnish us with the ‘share code’ from the DVLA so we can check and affirm all your driving permit subtle elements.

How to share your licence information

Visit the following URL: www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence

Once on the website, press the `{`START`}` button

Enter your licence code, National insurance number and postcode

Press `{`OK`}`

Go to the third page tab

Press the `{`GENERATE A CODE`}` button.

Make a note of your unique code and bring it with you when you collect your van so we can do a license check.