Specialist Vehicle Rental launch “Pro-Active SMS Service” for its customers

SMS Service

Specialist Vehicle Rental haved launched a “Pro-Active SMS Service” for its customers. This service utilises modern technology to deliver SMS text message directly from our custom made customer management system.

This includes:

• At the point of booking confirmation, an automated SMS to the driver confirming the booking time, date, reference number and query contact number.
• At the point off booking off-hire confirmation, an automated SMS to the driver confirming the vehicle collection detail with a reminder to refuel where appropriate.

This feature will also give the drivers the functionality to reply to the SMS with any questions they may have. These responses will be sent via email directly back in to our customer support team who will pro-actively progress any queries. We see this product as an enhanced pro-active communication line between the supplier, customer and driver and envisage the following benefits:-

• Reduction in delivery/ collection abortive costs as SMS acts as an additional communication channel and reminder to the driver.
• Reduction in customer phone calls/ queries as the SMS allows SVR to pro-actively resolve customer queries and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
• Reduction in end of contract refuelling costs as off-hire collection confirmations include a reminder to refuel.

This service is in place and ready to use – If you would like to take advantage of this product and have it applied to your account as a free of charge value add service please contact our Customer Support Team on 0845 293 2799 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it