Adapted Mobility Vehicles

Our mobility vechile hire devision has been featured in the recent parliamentary review.

steering wheel balls

If you have difficulty turning or holding the steering wheel or only have the use of one hand, having a steering wheel ball will give you enhanced more accurate control over the vehicle direction. How does it Work? Simply hold the ball ensuring your hand is comfortable and use it to push the steering wheel in your desired direction.

If you are unable to utilise your right leg you can take advantage of our pedal adaptations which allow you to switch the accelerator to the opposite side of the foot bay. How does it Work? For a twin flip accelerator you pull down the required pedal and the opposite pedal will automatically flip up in to a concealed safe location.

left foot accelerator
pedal guards

If you are utilising either the Push/ Pull Hand Controls or Left Foot Accelerator adaptations, our vehicles come with the option of a quick release pedal guard driving aid which prevents the accidental use of redundant foot pedals. How does it Work? Quick release pedal guard driving aid which prevents the accidental use of redundant foot pedals.

If you are unable to utilise the foot pedals in your vehicle a Push/ Pull device will enable you to control the Accelerator & Brake with your Hand. How does it Work? Push the Lever forward to apply the Brake and pull the lever backwards to apply the accelerator.

push pull handles
easy release handle brake

If you have limited strength and/ or flexibility in your hands or arms an easy release handbrake device will minimise the level of effort required to apply and release the handbrake. How does it Work? Operated via a button or small lever.

If you have limited movement in your upper body our infra-red controls bring everything to you at the touch of a button. They enable easy-to-use functionality with comfort, safety and vehicle control convenience at your fingertips. How does it Work? This is an easy-to-use keypad which is attached to the steering wheel and you simply press the relevant button to action your desired control. This device also doubles up as a steering wheel ball allowing enhanced, more accurate control over vehicle direction.

infra red control systems
wheelchair scooter rear ramps

Wheelchair/ Scooter Rear Ramps allow you to easily load your accessories in to the rear of an Estate Vehicle/ MPV by way of an easy-to-use loading access ramp. How does it Work? Easy-to-use fold down lightweight rear loading ramp allowing convenient rear vehicle access and storage for your Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter in your Estate Vehicle or MPV.

In the event you need to utilise the boot in your vehicle for something other than your wheelchair, then the Wheelchair Topbox is the solution for you! How does it Work? Once in the car, moving the operating switch to OUT brings the main housing out to the vertical position where it stops automatically. Remove the footplate’s, then a second switch lowers the hoist rope. Connect the clasp to the wheelchair and then guide the chair into the housing as the hoist lifts it. Move the switch to IN and the housing automatically returns to the driving position with the door locked. The whole effortless operation takes less than 90 seconds and is easy to perform.

rooftop wheelchair hoist
driver swivel seat

If you have limited body movements or stiff legs, a swivel seat can assist you in getting in and out of your vehicle with ease. How does it Work? A remote control operates the chair as it turns out of the vehicle allowing sufficient space for the individual to sit-down. Use the remote control to then move the chair in to the required forward facing position ready for your journey.

If you cannot lift or ramp your Wheelchair/ Mobility Scooter in to your boot, an electric boot hoist will solve this problem for you. This device will easily take the weight and manoeuvre your accessory in to the boot of your vehicle. How does it Work? Once you have attached the Wheelchair/ Mobility Scooter, utilise the electric keypad to lift and load the accessory directly in to your boot with ease, comfort and safety.

mobility scotter boot hoist