Minibus Hire

On the off chance that additional room is required or there are in excess of one wheelchair client traveler then a wheelchair open minibus is most likley the appropriate response. Normally they are a bigger vehicle and along these lines has the satisfactory room required accomadate more travelers, regardless of whether they stay situated in their very own wheelchair or exchange to the common minibus seats.

Albeit most wheelchair get to minbuses are utilized economically there is an expanding number of people settling on this bigger sort of WAV as the additional room is of advantage. They are additionally winding up less ‘van like’ and more pleasant vehicles to drive all in all which is expanding there ubiquity as a wheelchair open vehicle. For instance the Renault Master and new model Ford Transit are pleasant looking vehicles and less like driving an extensive van.

Key Features

  • Up to 17 Seats
  • Removeable Seats
  • Un-win tracking and moveable wheelchair restraint systems
  • Up to 4 wheelcair positions
  • Manual or auto transmission
  • Tail Lift or Ramp

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Wheelchair Accessible Minibus
minibus hire
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