Our Specialist Vehicle Rental Wheelchair Accessible and Adapted Mobility Car Fleets come in an full range of makes, models, sizes and specifications.  All vehicles supplied are of the highest standard in terms of age, mileage and conversion accreditation. We offer a door-to-door UK wide corporate delivery & collection service which comes complete with a full user instruction and a safety induction to both the vehicle and its adaptations.

Sample details of our available Mobility Vehicle conversions have been detailed below for your reference.

Wheelchair users have direct access in to the rear of the vehicle without being transferred from their wheelchair. These vehicles have had their rear floor removed with a new lowered floor conversion, a rear ramp or Hydraulic Lift and a full set of wheelchair and passenger safety belts.  Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available in a multitude of makes, models & specifications, with one to five wheelchair bays being available with either Automatic or Manual Transmission on the vehicle. Our vehicles come with multiple passenger/ wheelchair passenger bay seating combinations which can be customised to meet your specific needs prior to delivery.All of our conversions are carried out by Motability accredited converters and are available with the following Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle features :

  • Vehicles available with from X 1 to X 6 wheelchair passenger bays
  • Vehicle available with from X 1 to X 17 standard passenger seats (removable on larger vehicles)
  • Lowered or standard floor conversions
  • Remote controlled power winch systems
  • Rear or side spring loaded wheelchair Ramps
  • Rear hydraulic wheelchair lifts (Internal & under external floor options)
  • Air lowering suspension
  • Manual or automatic transmission
  • Full wheelchair safety restraint systems
  • Un-win tracking and moveable wheelchair restraint systems
  • Side support steps and safety lighting
  • 10-way infra-red control systems (on auto WAV’s)
  • Left foot accelerators (on auto WAV’s)
  • Push/ Pull hand control systems + steering wheel balls (on auto WAV’s)
  • Electric/ Push button Handbrake functionality

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